Sidan 9 - DocHdl1OnPTRtmpTarget

Multiply your profit.
Dense, soft and creamy, as if it had
been freshly made:
by preserving your ice
cream and showing off its qualities in the display
makes it even more appetising,
prestigious and competitive. Parties, anniversaries,
wedding banquets: the limitless stock of stored
ice cream will enable you to meet a considerably
higher number of orders, including simultaneous
orders for different places.
More services, more profits and more
The fact that you can buy in all the
food materials beforehand means that you can
acquire products when they are in season or
prices are particularly low.
The reduction in product preparation time
that you can obtain with
leads to
considerable savings
in your gelateria
operating costs: with the logical planning of
the different chilling times,
you will be able
to use not just the chiller but also all
the other units in a more rational way.
This will also allow you to cut down your staff
work schedules to 8 hours a day, with no
need for overtime. The
time saved
will affect
your output, not as a “downtime” cost, but as
precious hours
gained to be used at will.
Boost your profits.